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Expert Solar Panels Installation in Sydenham

With energy bills ever increasing, it is necessary to find more sustainable ways to use energy. Not just to keep the cost of energy down but also for environmental purposes. That’s why you should consider solar panel installation.

It’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to solar panels and battery storage. With the Renewable Energy Industry constantly expanding, it’s a struggle to keep up. You may be interested in taking this eco-friendly step but you’re not sure what’s best for your home or office.

That’s why PSC Electrical is here to help. Our business has been around for over 20 years, providing us with a wealth of experience in solar panel installation. Our team of experts are happy to help you make the most informed decision about your solar panel needs. We offer both service and installation in Sydenham, so contact us today for a consultation.


How It Works

Solar energy is produced by the sun and used by solar panels to produce power. The panels capture UV rays from the sun, and a solar system works to convert those rays into power. A house can run totally on solar electricity!

Solar batteries can also be utilised to store the energy you produce. Battery storage is essential if you produce more energy than you use. When you need extra electricity, you can draw on the energy that is stored in your batteries. Solar batteries are great for circumstances where you need to use both grid and solar energy. If the grid is down for any reason, your batteries will be prepared to offer backup power.

Our services include solar panels and battery installation so you have enough energy saved up all year round. This way, your house can be on-grid and off-grid, keeping your electricity bills down.

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Why Choose Us

As more people are searching for ways to live off the grid, solar panel installation is usually the first thing that comes to mind. It’s a great way to create renewable energy while also keeping electricity bills at bay. However, this is an area that requires an expert eye and excellent knowledge.

That’s why you should contact PSC Electrical for your solar panel needs. Our experienced engineers will keep you well informed every step of the way and promise to provide high-quality service for your property. We employ South East London’s finest skilled electricians to ensure your solar panel installation runs efficiently and smoothly.

Customer service is at the heart of what we do. Our dedicated team strive to give you a positive experience when using our services. Our engineers will advise you on the best materials and technologies for your home at a fair cost.


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We take great pleasure in being the top solar panel installation in Sydenham. PSC Electrical is available to help you with the installation of your solar panels. Our skilled engineers are prepared to get you solar power ready, whether it’s for your home or workplace. Give us a call right away to lower your cost of living.


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