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Need an Emergency Electrician in Godstone or the Surrounding Area?

Problems with electrics can be confusing, frustrating and even sometimes scary (the smell of burning anyone?). That’s why this type of problem is left to an expert. Some home problems can be solved by a determined DIYer and a YouTube video, but electrics are different. If you don’t understand electrical systems and haven’t been trained to work with them, it can be dangerous for you to do so. That’s where we come in! We’ve been offering our services as an emergency electrician in Godstone for more than 15 years, have worked on thousands of jobs and know-how to deal with any electrical issue you may be facing.

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Electrical Problems? Call the Emergency Electrician in Godstone Everyone Trusts

Without realising it, your life very much depends on the electricity that runs through your home. Without it, there will be no hot showers, no fridge or smoothie maker and no internet to entertain you. We take it for granted; it’s always just there. And while it seems safe, sometimes things can go wrong.

Here are a few indicators to watch out for that might suggest something isn’t quite right.

  • Is There a Fire? – There’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of a home fire. But electrical fires are very real and surprisingly common. If you smell burning and there’s no obvious indication of what’s causing it, call an emergency electrician in Godstone right away.
  • Electrical Sparks – Plugging appliances in and turning them on should be uneventful. If you’re seeing sparks fly when you go through this process, this is a sure sign that something is not quite right. There may be a short circuit somewhere in the system that needs dealing with.
  • Fuse Box Frequently Tripping – It should be a very rare event that you have to open the fuse box to turn a tripped breaker back on. If this is happening more and more frequently, this could be a sign that there’s a fault somewhere in your electrical system

A Few Reasons to Trust PSC Electrical

There’s certainly more than one emergency electrician in Godstone, but we’re the industry leader for a number of reasons. Here are some of the main ones.

  • We’re Family – By this I mean that we’re a family-run business. We’re big enough to be there in a flash, but small enough to really care.
  • We’ve Seen Everything – There’s no electrical issue that we aren’t familiar with, so whatever problem you’re facing, we’re 100% confident we can resolve it for you.
  • We’re Licensed + Insured – You shouldn’t take any contractor’s word that they know what they’re doing. We’d be happy to show you our license, and we’re also fully insured so you’re protected against accidental damage.

If you’re having problems with your electrics, there’s no time to waste. Call our friendly emergency electricians in Godstone and we’ll send an engineer round in 30 minutes or less. You can reach us on 07792 077 263.

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Fast average response time of 30 minutes!

We carry a large variety of spare parts on all of our company vehicles and offer 9/10 customers a first time repair.

To book an emergency electrician in Godstone Call 07792 077 263

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