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Need a Emergency Electrician in Streatham or surrounding area?

PSC Electrical is a family-owned and run electrical services business serving the needs of people in Streatham and throughout South London. We pride ourselves on providing first-class electrical work at competitive prices, and for the high quality of our customer service. We have years of experience, a high level of professional expertise and we get to customers in need fast, typically within 30 minutes. When you need an emergency electrician in Streatham you can do no better than PSC Electrical.

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When Should You Call an Emergency Electrician in Streatham?

The bad news is that, when left unattended, small electrical problems can develop into major problems that threaten health and home. The good news is that most electrical problems give off warning signs. If you are attuned to these signs you can call PSC Electrical before the situation deteriorates. Here are some common warning signs to look for.

  • Shocks – If you receive a shock when you touch the blender, microwave, refrigerator or another appliance, something is wrong and you should call PSC.
  • Sparks – If sparks jump from the electrical outlet when you go to plug something in, there is a short circuit that needs to be resolved. Call PSC pronto.
  • A Burning Smell – If you detect an acrid burning smell from or around an outlet, switch or the main electrical panel, call PSC immediately.
  • Loud Buzzing – It’s normal for the electrical panel to emit a low-level buzz. But if that buzz gets loud or is joined by a loud hissing sound call PSC immediately.
  • In Addition – If circuit breakers are tripping with regularity or your lights are flickering it’s time to call PSC Electrical. We’ll get to the bottom of it.

Why Streatham Residents Choose PSC

There are a lot of electricians in South London, so why do so many people choose PSC Electrical? Because…

  • We’re family-owned – Call us old fashioned but we believe in high-quality work at a fair price.
  • We’re fully insured – In the extremely unlikely event of a mishap, your interests are covered.
  • We have the experience – We have dealt with every type of electrical emergency.
  • We don’t play games – Customers do not exist to be exploited. They exist to be served. You will never see any phantom charges on one of our bills.
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Fast average response time of 30 minutes!

We carry a large variety of spare parts on all of our company vehicles and offer 9/10 customers a first time repair.

If you need an emergency electrician in Streatham don’t settle for less. Call PSC Electrical. We’ll get to you quickly and resolve your electrical issue in short order.

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