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Solar Panel and Battery Storage for Homes and Commercial Property

At PSC Electrical, you can rely on our industry experts for all of your electrical needs. One of the more common requests we get is solar and battery storage. As more people are thinking of ways to live off-grid or in an emergency situation, solar sales have dramatically increased.

But with that comes the need to learn and understand how solar energy works. Since most people don’t have experience with solar power, we feel it’s important to offer our expertise in this area.

We offer both service and installation, so don’t hesitate to contact your friends at PSC Electrical with your enquiries.

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How It Works

Solar energy comes from the sun, and solar panels work to harness that energy for use. The panels themselves absorb the sun’s UV rays, and a solar system works to convert those rays into electricity. With enough solar panels, you could power a home without relying on the electrical grid.

You can also store the energy you collect in solar batteries. Battery storage is essential if you collect more power than you use. You can then use the stored energy in your batteries when you need electricity.

Solar batteries are ideal for when you use both grid and solar energy. If the grid goes down for any reason, you’ll have backup power stored and waiting in your batteries.

We offer both service and installation, so don’t hesitate to contact your friends at PSC Electrical with your enquiries.

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Why Choose PSC Electrical for Solar Panel Installation?

Solar panel and system installation require extensive knowledge and training. That’s where we come in. PSC Electrical is a family-owned and operated business that is home to some of South East London’s most experienced electricians.

As such, we can safely and expertly install your new solar panel system and get your solar batteries up and running. It’s important to note that solar panel installation is a complicated process that requires care and precision.

What’s more, if you wish for your solar panel system to be connected to the grid, you will need to obtain the necessary permits — permits that a qualified professional must sign (that’s us). If you plan to live completely off-grid, you’re going to want to make sure that you have sufficient solar panels to power your off-site residence each day.

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At PSC Electrical, we can help you with these vital details to ensure that you get what you need. Failure to invest in the correct system can lead to challenges, so we encourage you to give us a ring for professional assistance.

Equally important is our pricing. We strive to offer our clients affordable rates in all that we do. In fact, we will beat any written quotation to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Since our inception, we have strived for customer satisfaction.

Moreover, we work hard to get our clients the lowest prices on materials and equipment. We have trade accounts with some of the largest electrical wholesalers in the UK. As such, we can make sure you get quality components at reasonable prices. So call PSC Electrical today for all of your solar panel and battery storage needs at 020 3857 4796.


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