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Need a Emergency Electrician in London or surrounding area?

PSC Electrical London Limited is a friendly, family run business based in South East London. We cover domestic, commercial and industrial premises. All of our Electricians in London work to the highest standard and are qualified to the 17th edition. Our professional and experienced electricians are able to take on all size jobs. Whether your lights are flickering or you require an emergency electrician in London, you can be assured with an experienced and reliable electrician. We are a NICEIC registered company and carry out all types of electrical works no matter how big or small – Whether you need a new fuse board fitted or your electrics inspected. We work to suit the customer’s needs! Call us for any electrical emergencies in London.

Fast average response time of 30 minutes!

We carry a large variety of spare parts on all of our company vehicles and offer 9/10 customers a first time repair.


Why People in London Choose PSC Electrical

Given how many electrical contractors are working in London today, why would so many people choose PSC Electrical over the competition? Here’s why:

We are fully insured – There are more electricians than you know working in London who are not insured. If you hire one of them and they cause injury or damage, you will wind up footing the bill. Don’t let that happen. PSC Electrical is fully insured so your interests are always protected.

We have years of experience – For more than 15 years we have been providing every type of electrical service for the people of London, including electrical installations, emergency service and more. We are NICEIC registered and fully versed in all relevant safety regulations.

We offer transparent pricing – You will never find unexplained charges on a bill from PSC Electrical. Our goal is customer satisfaction, not customer exploitation. We get approval for all work before doing it, and if we need to install new parts we inform you first.

We get to you fast – When you call PSC Electrical for emergency electrical services we won’t leave you waiting around. In most cases, we get to the customer in half an hour. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you need us we get to you fast.

We’re easy to work with – If you have an electrical emergency the last thing you want is for a surly, ill-tempered person to arrive at your door. Our staff are friendly and customer-orientated and are always willing to answer questions or address your concerns.

The PSC Difference

When you call PSC Electrical for any type of emergency electrical work you can be sure:

  1. A qualified electrician will arrive quickly. Usually within 30 minutes.
  2. He will get straight to work assessing the situation.
  3. He will get your approval before beginning remediation work.
  4. There will be no phantom charges on your bill.
  5. He will leave the work area clean and tidy.
  6. All work will conform to the highest standards.

When to Call for an Emergency Electrician in London

If you witness or experience any of these warning signs in your home or business, call PSC immediately:

  1. A burning smell coming from an outlet or switch.
  2. Sparks jumping from outlets when you plug things in.
  3. Shocks when you touch one or more appliances.
  4. Circuit breakers tripping with increasing frequency.
  5. Lights flickering on and off.
  6. A hissing or loud buzzing coming from the electrical panel.
  7. Ceiling fixtures that are hot to the touch.

To book an emergency electrician in London Call 07792 077 263

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