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EV Charging Point Installation Merton

Are you a proud owner of an electric vehicle? If yes, have you thought about the freedom and convenience of your own EV charging point? No more scouring the map for public charging stations. No more fretting about the range. With PSC Electrical’s expert EV charging point installation service in Merton, you can fuel your future right from home.

What Is an EV Charging Point?

An EV charging point is essentially your personal petrol station tailored to your EV. Instead of petrol, your vehicle drinks in electricity, gearing up for your next journey. Installing a personal charging point can save you money and time and give you the peace of mind of having a full “tank” every morning.


Personalised Charging Solutions

At PSC Electrical, we understand that every EV owner has unique needs. Your driving habits, the model of your EV and your electricity consumption can influence the type of charging point you need. And that’s why we’re here to assist.

Our team of seasoned professionals will guide you in selecting and installing the most suitable EV charging point for your vehicle and lifestyle.

Affordable Installation Service

The days when EV charging points were luxury investments are over. Prices have significantly dropped, making them affordable for a broader range of people. Moreover, PSC Electrical helps you secure grants and offers unbeatable quotes, ensuring you get the best possible deal.

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Why Choose PSC Electrical?

With years of experience serving the South East London region, we pride ourselves on our expertise, quality service and affordability. Our trade relationships with top electrical wholesalers in the UK allow us to provide high-quality components at reasonable prices.

Ready to Switch to Convenience?

Investing in an EV charging point is not just about fuelling your vehicle. It’s about powering up your life, adding convenience and contributing to a sustainable future.

Give us a call at PSC Electrical on 0203 857 4796 for all your EV charging point installation needs in Merton. We also invite you to request a quote at no cost to you. It’s just one more way we strive to provide the best service possible.



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